Better Crops Demand a Central Pivot Irrigation System on Your Farm, Read Why!

As farmers, you’ll agree to the point that farming survives on adequate water supply to crops at decent intervals in proper amount! It’s due to this, irrigation becomes a very delicate practice! Also, your knowledge as a farmer of proper irrigation and your financial ability to establish a well designed irrigation system impacts your end results largely too. Let one of the two factors fail, the entire yield fails drastically!

That is the reason why you are required to use modern farm technology to facilitate the entire irrigation process. From timely water application to efficient and easy crop irrigation, it’s a very essential practice for better crop cultivation! But you’ll benefit more with the system if you have a central pivot system installed from Otech Irrigation delivering irrigation supplies in Australia that are designed especially taking into consideration your land area structure and requirements of the same.

Advantages of having centre pivot system in your farm!

Let’s know the centre pivot system better! It’s basically a mechanised irrigation system that irrigates crops in a circular pattern revolving around a central pivot having a radial pipe supported by towers pivoting around a centre point. Also, around the radial pipe, nozzles are spaced uniformly. It’s because of this rotation, water get released through the nozzles and irrigates the crops. Being a circular patterned system, this generally is suitable for a large farm area. And if you want to know why it’s the best system for your farm, read on!

  • Efficient and effective — A central pivot system can be called the most efficient and effective irrigation system. Apart from the irrigation of hectares in the field in the least time, it also supports the application of fertilisers and pesticides too. Also, this system can improve irrigation efficiency impressively as it uses a single piece of farm machinery and performs several crucial farm practices simultaneously.
  • Uniformity of water supply —Water supply throughout the farm uniformly is essential. You definitely don’t want a certain part of it neglected. This system, guarantees that through the properly placed nozzles.
  • Adjustable according to the need — Central pivot system is adjustable, and delivers water according to the height set by you! This means, you can configure the system at or below the level of crop, so that the crops receive proper hydration throughout the growth cycle.
  • Low maintenance required — A central pivot system lasts for decades once installed. During this entire span, it requires minimum or no maintenance. Its nozzles are designed in a pattern to entertain no clogs under them. This ensures the system runs according to your setup and configuration; and therefore, you don’t have to look back at it for twenty odd years after setting it up on the farm.
  • Less water wastage — As this system distributes the water close to the ground level, you’ll find a lesser wastage of water due to wind. This ensures the crops getting a hundred percent supply of water and least wastage during irrigation.
  • It’s gentle on soil — A runoff irrigation system isn’t just hard on the crops and affects their growth, but it can actually impact your soil fertility too. Central pivot system being gentle, you are actually preserving your soil fertility and crop growth remains even.

A central pivot system can be called a successful innovation in the irrigation techniques. Offering multiple benefits with the least expenditure, it’s the most suitable option for your farm.

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