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DIY Ways On How To Build An Energy Efficient Home

If you have managed to purchase some development land that has planning permission, you have just taken on one of the most exciting projects ever. There are tonnes of reasons for building your own home. Not only can you make it the exact size and style that you want, but you can also make it incredibly energy efficient at the same time.

Building An Energy Efficient Home

Before you begin, it is worth noting that this is not a small project. Building a house from scratch can be complicated, stressful and incredibly expensive. If you have a full time job, you should really consider getting some external help from someone that has experience with building in the past. Feel like you are ready? Here are some things that can make a DIY build into an incredibly energy efficient homes.

Designers And Architects

The first thing that you need is to find interior designers and architects that have experience when it comes to building energy efficient homes. They will be able to structure the property in a way that allows as much light to get in as possible. This not only means that you won’t have to use the heating unnecessarily, but also the lights. Generally, workers that have this experience will be able to find the materials that are eco-friendly. They either will have been recycled, or they would have been produced in a low CO2 emissions factory.

Heat Loss In The Home

Heat loss is a major issue in the home. Windows, doors and roofs are the places where the most heat is generally lost. What you need to do is buy extremely eco-friendly windows and doors. Make sure that the door is fitted correctly. Having even a tiny gap can mean that lots of heat is lost. Another thing to consider is roof insulation. If the insulation is effective, then you should not be losing any heat via the roof.

Heating System

Some builders will try and recycle boilers and heating systems where possible. Don’t bother! Every year, technology improves. This means that heating systems are constantly improving. If you buy a system that is old, then it is not likely to perform efficiently. Of course, make sure you system has a thermostat. This means you can control the temperature and reduce the energy that the system outlays. If you have an outdoor pool, consider using solar water heaters. This could save you a huge chunk when it comes to your monthly energy bill. There are lots of solar systems available. Solar panels are possibly the most popular. If you have some cash to invest, you could even purchase a system that is going to power the whole property; making it completely self sufficient.


Every step of the process, you should be thinking about the green solution. This could be buying the heating system or even when choosing brick manufacturers. A green house is not necessarily going to be a more expensive house. What it will ensure is that you protect the environment and are able to save money thanks to systems such as solar panels. 

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