Recycle Your old Car To Help The Environment And Your Pocket

Given the current global warming and the impact on climate, it is perhaps time for you to change a few things in your life so that you can lessen your carbon footprint and do your bit to help the environment along. The fact remains that several car owners often do not bother to recycle their cars and as a result, these cars often sit disused and ignored in a salvage yard while they slowly leak various toxic substances and pollutants into the immediate environment.

Car Recycling

This is why you need to recycle your car or you can sell it for scrap but do make sure that it is with a reputed organization, so you know that they would recycle the car right away. Check out some of the reasons that you may want to recycle your car.

Reduction of greenhouse gases

The fact remains that iron ore is still used as the main material, for both durability and strength when it comes to manufacturing cars. As a result, several thousands of tons of iron ore are manufactured each year and most of them; end up as part of a brand new car or some other vehicle. However, what is not known to most is that the process of refining iron ore releases several tons of greenhouse gases directly into the atmosphere. Therefore, by recycling your car and the iron contained in it, you could well be reducing the greenhouse gases that are emitted as part of the refining process. Just search online for cash for cars in Wellington and this should point you in the right direction. You can approach these agencies to recycle all that steel in your car, and essentially your car itself and what’s more, you get paid for the same.And the icing on the cake, you would be doing something positive for the environment.

Proper disposal of oil, gasoline and other fluids

Often when you park your car in a salvage yard and let it sit there for months, you may want to know that oil, gasoline and other fluids would seep out of your car. This would immediately impact the current environment but eventually, the pollutants would affect the water table as well and pollute the same. So you may want to first dispose of your oil and gasoline including driving fluids so that it does not affect the immediate environment. You can search online for  car wreckers in Porirua and this should get you the address of some of the agencies that you can contact for the safe disposal of your car.

Buyback programs

There are several car manufacturing companies that are more than happy to purchase their old product from you for cold, hard cash. If the car is salvageable, then you can expect some cash. However, if it is in really bad shape, then the manufacturing company would offer to tow your car for free and then dispose of the same, for free with zero charges. It all comes down to how good your car is and whether the company in question is interested in purchasing the same back.

vehicle recycling

Instead of opting for a new car right away, you can purchase a few refurbished parts and replace the ones that need to be repaired. You also need to ensure that the car in question is fully functional again, before checking in with the company in question. This way, you would essentially be repairing your old car with refurbished parts and then, spruce it up before selling it for cash.These are some of the reasons that you would want to recycle your old car. If you are not sure how to go about it, then you can always call in the professionals and get it done. And it goes without saying that you need to properly take care of your car, post the repairs and in order to increase its lifespan.

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