Don’t Just Trash Old Computers — Reuse Wisely!

Are you renovating your workplace and that is why replacing all your old computers with new ones? Or, there have been quite a few issues in your old PC and that is why you think you are better without it? Have you got your old computers dumped in your storage room waiting to get dilapidated on its own?  (This has a fat chance to happen!). Well then, here’s something really interesting for you to read! Your used and old computers can turn into wonderful and pretty useful gadgets for you again! If not, they can bring you some moolah. Either way, it is good news for you!

Nowadays technology becomes obsolete within a year or two! You can’t imagine using the same gadget for years, even though it would be working absolutely fine! With the changes occurring too frequently in versions, and upgrades of software happening every few months, the new gadgets become totally irresistible to own, and the old ones turn into junk within a few years. This, in turn, means trashing them really early when they are actually in a very good condition. But this can cause grave danger to the environment because the e-waste form a large non-disposable part of the environmental trash — and that is why it endangers the global green system. The best way to deal with this gadget trash is to repair and reuse or recycle them appropriately.

What good can you do with your old computers?

It is not a hidden fact that technology generally never comes cheap! Each computer costs you thousands of rupees, and you are simply either storing your hard-earned money in junk rooms or trashing them away when you are getting rid of these computers. Why not utilise these products to their fullest, and gain some more benefits from them? How? Read on!

  • Repair and reuse — Not all computers are fully dead and therefore thrown away, some have various systems which have failed, and some have simply been superseded by a better version. These computers can actually be put back to work and be utilised in different ways. You just have to contact iCell for laptop & computer repairs in Christchurch and they’ll fix each and every issue in the gadget perfectly. They can even upgrade its system with the latest version, and then the machine would work swiftly and smoothly just like a new computer system. You can put this computer for your kid’s usage or place it with your staff who aren’t handling too much of work at the computers, and use it for some more years.
  • Sell it on online sites — You may have replaced your computer system, and that is why the older gadget wouldn’t be of any use to you. But you can always get some money from it if you sell it on online sites. There are various global e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon which grant you the option of selling your used goods. You can easily sell it there and earn a good sum in exchange of your computer.
  • Donate it for a good cause — There are innumerable schools and colleges which have this constant need of computers but couldn’t afford it in good numbers. If you intend to dump the gadgets in the trash, you can actually utilise it a noble way instead of by donating it to a certain NGO, who can further send it to some needy institute. If your computers have a severe issue, you can repair it and then donate it – and if you don’t want to bear these charges, let them repair and use it on their own.
  • Use your computer monitor as a CCTV screen — If your computer screen isn’t of much use to you, you can also convert it into a CCTV screen. You can place the same in your office.  
  • DIY techniques and recycling — Your computer hardware can be in a very good condition, and therefore can be used creatively for various purposes. There are a lot of DIY techniques to be applied to your computer parts to utilise it creatively. For example, you can create a piano with your computer keyboard, an electronic photo frame with your screen, and even use the exhaust fan in a nice way. And if you don’t want to take pains yourself, there are professional recycle centres doing the needful for you.

Your old devices aren’t a waste actually. They have their own multiple uses and you just need to use your creativity and research for reaping the benefits!

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