How Electric Bikes Are Nothing but Good News for You and the Environment?

Global warming is a significant concern, and it’s high time that along with the Government, we also do our bit to reduce the impact on the environment. Though your contribution alone might seem to be negligible, when the efforts off everyone is combined, it is bound to make a tremendous difference.

One of the most natural methods to reduce the carbon footprint is to ride an electric bicycle for transportation. On realizing the hazards of carbon emission responsible and renowned bike manufacturers also trying to promote e-bikes. Multiple shops are selling electric bikes in Perth, and most of them have a maximum speed of about 28 miles per hour.

How electric bikes help in climate control


Unlike any other transportation, including cars, motorcycles, and trucks, e-bikes do not run either on gas or diesel. Thus, they do not cause any carbon emissions into the atmosphere. In fact, they are considered as zero-emission transports which run on clean energy. Therefore, using electric bikes can avoid the release of approximately 500 pounds of carbon.

Prevents air pollution

Pollution is a grave problem worldwide. It’s the cause of many diseases, like respiratory problems, allergies, etc. and it’s spreading like a plague. Only when each citizen does his bit, we will be able to control this fast-spreading stress of air pollution. 

Even smog is a type of pollution, and it’s also one of the reasons why people living in urban areas should make a quick shift to electronic bikes. Since they do not have any carbon emission, they do not contribute to air pollution in anyways!

Longer lasting batteries

Like any other vehicle, an electric bike also has a battery that needs to be replaced. And these batteries can also cause landfills, which also impacts the water we drink and the air we breathe. 

But, the best part about the batteries of e-bikes is that they last longer and you don’t need to replace them for many years. Moreover, unlike those in cars, most of these batteries are lithium-ion, and they do not contain any lead, which is also an added benefit for the environment, because cells containing lead are unsafe for the environment.

Can retain charge long

Just because you are using electric bikes, it doesn’t mean that you are using too much electricity and putting pressure on the environment!

You can put the bikes to charge at the end of the day when the demand for electricity is not at its peak. Generally, it is also that time of the day when you can conveniently use the excess power generated by the electric company. Thus, you will not even exert pressure on the power grids.

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