Go Green! 5 Convincing Reasons to Build an Eco-friendly Home!

Are you planning to build a dream home for yourself? And do you want an out of the box idea for the same? Why not try designing an eco-friendly house for yourself? Isn’t that really an appealing thought? You would not only get a unique looking home, absolutely stunning, but also be responsible towards nature!  And it wouldn’t even cost you bundles of your hard-earned money!

We all know the desperate need to save our environment! With the amazon burning and the water level decreasing, we should all be conscious about coming up with some steps to revive the damages already made – we all want our kids should adopt a greener Earth — in order to breathe and live, we have to save our Mother Earth. Giving the next generation an idea of staying in an eco-friendly home is the least we can do. This small change will surely be the reason of huge revolution in this aspect soon!

The need to opt for an eco-friendly home!

When you get a chance to work on a custom Home Design in Fremantle through Transform Drafting Services, go for an environment friendly design. They will help you out to create these wonderful houses through their expertise and knowledge, and get the best one planned for you. If you are having some second thoughts about why you should be doing the same, read on!

  • These don’t Require a Lot of Investments — An eco-friendly home is mostly made up of recycled materials or materials that can be recycled — both of which aren’t too expensive. They are designed in such a way that they don’t waste either space or resources (be it natural or man-made), which saves a lot of money too. For example — With special techniques like using of glass fibre reinforced gypsum in the interiors (which is actually made up from the waste of industrial sectors), you save a lot of bucks and also take a step towards going green.
  • They are Low Maintenance Homes — As these environment friendly homes mostly depend on the sunlight for lights during the day, and have mostly the airy sides left open (in the form of a veranda or a balcony or skylight), these require the minimal use of electricity — and hence saves power. You can save loads in your utility bills because of this factor. Also, these consist of major use of renewable energy – an assured step towards better future.
  • Better Ambience at Home — Who can deny the fact that nature can be soothing? When you design an eco-friendly home, you obviously dedicate huge spaces for greenery. This greenery regulates the temperature giving it a cooler temperature, and also creates an astounding ambience at home. And you prefer decorating your home with the strands of natural creepers growing or vases consisting of fresh flowers, and then of course you are adding a touch of awesomeness to you home’s ambience. Also, most of these environment friendly homes consist of solar panels, thus, the sunlight is tapped and utilised properly.
  • Health Factor — Green homes are totally healthy too! With all the direct sunlight, you would never face a lack of vitamin D. Also, the fresh air for breathing coming from the trees refresh and rejuvenate for sure. Open space means airy homes and natural ventilation — hence lesser use of artificial ventilation and temperature control. An eco-friendly home also doesn’t at all leave a chance of harmful carbon production at home. When you are surrounded by bamboos and nature-based interiors instead of plastics and cements, this is going to add to healthy living quotient.
  • Increases Your Home’s Market Value — We all consider the resale point to be vital. Even though we may not intend to sell our houses in the near future, but we do think of the long-term benefit when building a home. When you design a green home, you are actually creating a highly valued place while investing a lesser amount in the same. Yes, we know very well that an environment friendly home is cost effective, but it does attract a lot of buyers to it too. And they are ready to pay a good amount to purchase these green homes. The reason is mainly because nowadays a lot of people are getting aware of the importance of building a green home. With each passing year, as the need to conserve nature rises more and more, the demand for such eco friendly homes would rise alongside too.

Going green is in trend. Why should your home be out of the league? From giving up plastic containers to preferring e-bills instead of hard copies, we are trying our best to be nature friendly. And this has never let us down, in fact, benefited us a lot. So why not embrace the same idea when designing a home?! 

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