The 6 Keys To Maintaining Your Plants This Cold Winter!

Are you shivering yet? Well, your plants definitely are! Winter weather may be your favourite, because of the white snow, the cups of hot chocolate with marshmallows, the warmth of fireplaces etc. but it’s definitely not the best for your green pals. Winter takes a toll on the growth of your plants while cold, dry winds make your exposed plants thirsty. Soggy leaves will be scattered all over the lawn while shrubs can break under the excessive weight of snow piles. Landscaping is basically the key to a beautiful home and unending compliments. A beautiful, well-maintained landscape is undoubtedly every home owners dream, and achieving it is no child’s task. Attaining it requires a lot of time, efforts, skills, knowledge, and commitment.And sometimes you need the help of a professional. Okay, maybe most of the time. That’s thereason for the rising popularity of Sydney based landscape designers. Stone Lotus Landscapes is a company that offers its design and construction of landscapes services in many parts of Sydney. They create designs which shall maximise the space available, be highly aesthetic, and require low maintenance.

how to keep outdoor plants alive during winter

Maintaining landscapes is not a piece of cake, especially during the cold winters. But, we are here to help. And we are sure you will be thanking us later, once your landscape becomes the best one in the whole neighbourhood. Landscaping in Mosman is quite popular and you can see most of the houses with visually appealing ones. You can also be one of them. Just hire the correct landscape designer and show off your green thumb skills even before spring arrives.

RIP bugs and pets

Yes, it’s time to get those bugs and pests out of your way and petroleum based horticultural oil will be your partner in crime. It shall get rid of those mites, aphids, lace bugs etc. and you aren’t poisoning them, but you are rather smothering them. And what more, the oil will destroy the stored eggs of the insects too.

More mulch

Gardeners love that fresh, brown layer of rich mulch in the spring but mulching is just as important during fall. It shall successfully suppress the growth of any weeds which may be in the germinating stage, even chickweed, and retain valuable water for the plants.

Protection from salt

Salt and ice melt products can be the causes that lead to burnt plants and turf, so keep the salt away. If you notice granules on the plants, sweep, it, blow it, hose it, but you need to do whatever you can to keep them at bay. Better yet, during times of application, be cautious and ensure to keep the product only on the pavements and not on the turf or plants.

Keep off the Snow Piles

You need to talk it out with your snow contractor and make it very clear that you need the snow removed in a careful way. He should pile the snow away from the bushes that could have a chance of breaking under the snow’s weight. You need to collect and dispose of the snow in an efficient manner, not harming the plants in any way.

Don’t cut perennials

Perennials like hostas, daylilies etc. look pretty all summer but not so much during the winters. In their cases, maintaining them implies leaving them alone, howsoever they are. Even if they look ugly, don’t cut them back yet, as they are still collecting nutrients for the next spring. You might trim them every now and then for a tidier look, but it’s essential to wait until they are completely done.

Leafless lawn

And finally, you need to get those fallen leaves off the turf. Your lawn needs to breathe and soggy piles of decaying leaves are a big hindrance in that. Leave it all winter and your grass will suffocate as well as invite all kinds of insects and diseases.

So, these were the main rules that you need to follow while maintaining your plants and landscape all throughout the long winter. Tick each of these off your checklist, and you will have a green, happy, and healthy landscape even after the wrath of the winter.

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