LG’s Ma said that the new LG tablet will be better than Apple’s iPad

We appreciate brave talk but it gets irritating when someone crosses the line. Chang Ma, the LG’s Marketing Vice President recently crossed the line when we said that LG’s new tablet will be better than the iPad. He told this at the Wall Street Journal interview a couple of days ago. We all know that LG has been working hard on its Optimus tablet lately but these claims make us laugh hard. You can see for yourself when LG brings their product in the market but we don’t think anyone can beat the prowess of the iPad at least for the next couple of years. You can either call these claims foolish or brave but the Vice President will certainly make a lot of headlines through such comments. US will be a big market for the LG tablet and it will be interesting to see how the product fares in the tablet market dominated by Apple right now.

LG tablet

LG’s tablet is rumored to be Google centric. LG is also working on Windows 7 tablet right now. If the gadget is successful in the market, it will instantly get popular because there are not a lot of good Windows 7 tablets in the market right now. But we refuse to believe that these two computers will do better than the iPad. The Apple’s product is untouchable right now. It is worth noting that the gadget is doing really good even though it has been while since its release which reiterates its popularity in the market. Many people said that the iPad will not do well in the market but the device has defied all the odds. It is really hard to beat an Apple product simply because they are the best in the industry. They may be a bit costlier than other products in the competition but still the value for money is excellent.

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