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Light up your house: 5 tips that will help you create the cozy glow in your house

House is not just a place where you dwell; it’s that nook on the earth that brings solace to your soul, helps you to rewind, and brings out the best in you. A home is a place which you feel like returning to after a stressful at work – can you reciprocate these thoughts, when you think of your home?

While it doesn’t take a lot of effort but, to make your home the perfect den, you need to do some thinking and spend some money on the décor which includes perfect fixtures and furnishings. Experts often say you can give the coziest feel to your home, even with minimal pieces of furniture, if the lights are ideal.

Lighting retailers Sydney have lights customized for each time of house; you just need to find the one in your locality.

Five tips for creating the cozy glow in your house

The perfect glow

Indirect lights are a great way to set the mood and create a perfect intimate atmosphere. Since they do not glare at your eyes, they spread a softer, subtler effect. Keep them underneath something such s a bookshelf, or above the cabinets or under the cupboards and closets. If you have an architecturally detailed home, using the cove ceiling for fixing light is a great option. 

Bulbs come in an extensive range of distinctive hues. Check the Kelvin temperature and purchase the ones with something around 2700 or lesser – they provide the most desired warm glow.

Scented candles

Have you ever thought why the candlelight dinners so romantic? 

Candles create a relaxed atmosphere, helps to set the mood, and are also pleasing. The glow from candles creates a unique effect in the room, and there’s something very warm and inviting about them.

They also come id variety fragrance which helps to create the mood and a cozy ambiance. While the popularity of an aroma at times depends on the season, they are readily available in the market all thought out the year. Scents like hazelnut, pecan caramel swirl, fruity, and sugar cookie are prevalent for the homey mood that they create.

If the flame is a concern, use electric candles which are often as good as the natural ones.

More numbers do not mean too much

To capture sunlight during the daytime, avoid overdressing your windows. In case your room doesn’t get enough natural light, try working out by including some mirrors for reflections, and using lighter shades colors for the interiors. 

Similarly, any room will get a cozy feel in the evening and will add a homelike touch to it with the perfect lights. If you think that too many lamps will disrupt the harmony, let us correct you. When artificial lights come from different corners of the room, it feels much softer than when it comes from a single source. Three to four sources spread across the room doesn’t seem to shout at you loudly! 

Overhead lights

Overhead lightings play a vital role in the décor of your house, choose them very meticulously and be careful about the height of the ceiling.

Chandeliers and wooden pendant lights Australia adds a twist to the interior. Use the dimmer switches to personalize the lighting depending on the occasion and your mood.

A string of LED lights can enhance the softness of the room in the evenings.

Chandeliers go great with shades or open globes – while the top open ones act as the best “mood” lighting, the downward ones are best as task lighting.

Part of your décor

Lights are a part of the interior; in fact, they are often considered as a crucial role player in your home’s decor. So, make sure to plan it out while planning the other pieces of furniture. If In spite of purchasing the choicest furniture and light, if each doesn’t sync with the other, it will spoil the charm of the whole place.

While a dining table area can have hanging lights, bright glowing lights, or candles goes best with the bars.

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