Most Frustrating Iphone Problems Solved!

Initially, when it happens to you, you might gasp in awe and ask Why Me? But trust us, you are not alone! When one of your costliest possessions, an iPhone, drops down from your hands or falls into the water; you can observe that mishap in slow-motion and can wonder what will happen next before it even touches the ground or water surface. Then come the unfortunate consequences of mishandling an iPhone. While buying an iPhone is an extravagant affair, getting it repaired is further ridiculously expensive activity if you are one of those who only prefer branded repairs. Here are some of the most frustrating iPhone hardware issues. Let’s study on to learn more about them and know how a certified team of technicians can avoid you from squandering massive amounts of your hard-earned money while repairing an iPhone.

  • Display Cracks

One of the most painful and unlucky incidents for any phone is a crack in the display. It doesn’t matter how easy it may seem to use the phone with a broken display, but deep down somewhere you also know that it will never be the same. While having a display crack on the iPhone, it is even more worrying since your phone can stop working anytime. The finest method to handle this situation is to carry your iPhone to the nearest Apple outlet and get it reviewed. However, if you are short on budget or were planning to buy a new one already, it is a good idea to repair your iPhone at certified iPhone repair experts. 

  • Water Damage

Water is the most prominent nemesis to any electronic gadget and iPhones are no different. Water seepage in an iPhone brings a whole lot of problems and the worst part is, you are uncertain about what will hit you. There are tutorials available on the internet about saving your phone from water damage but putting it on the rice bowl or keeping it under sunlight, but the best way to deal with this is to take your device to the Melbourne iPhone Repair and get it dried up. Just make sure of primary precautions that you should not switch the phone on since there are chances to short-circuit. The reason behind immediate actions, in this case, is that such repair centers are equipped with adroit apparatus like heating assembly that will instantly dry up the water particles from your phone.

  • Stuck Volume Rocker

Another infamous issue with iPhone is a stuck volume button. Once the mute button or volume button stop working on your phone, you can occasionally face irritating phone calls at awkward times or you can be restricted from listening to any kind of sound. However, there are one or two tricks to try out. One of them being the airplane mode, and the other, of course, is rebooting the phone. You can also try assistive mode from the setting which lets you control your phone from the home screen, but the idyllic way is to carry your phone to the expert technicians and get it mended.

  • Sudden Battery Drain

All iPhones come across this issue sooner or later. The number of apps you are using, the tendency of your internet usage, and the number of calls you make are the governing factors of this issue. But, you can save your phone from sudden blackouts by stopping the background running of apps and keeping the phone at optimal brightness levels. However, if the problem still sustains, you might have to pay a visit to the repairs center. 

Having an issue with your precious iPhone is a sore feeling. But, a simple list of ideal phone usage habits and some knowhow on repairing stations can save your day.

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