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Why Is It Necessary to Recycle Your Old Car And Know How To Get It Done?

Your car probably has come to the end of its life when you see it is affected by rust and rattling on its every move. However, it has remained with you in your every need whenever and wherever you needed to go since you own it. But it’s the time to retire for the car from its services. All living and nonliving things eventually die one day. But when nothing works anymore for a car, it still keeps a level of value. At the end of their lives, it is highly advisable to send your car to the scrapyard. Recycling is worth the effort as it is beneficial for both the environment and your wallet.

 Let’s take a look:

Air Pollution 

Across the world, the old cars are the major sources of air pollution, especially in densely populated urban areas. Vehicles from 2003 and older spread  35x more pollution than the newer vehicles! These older vehicles also contain perilous fluids and materials that need to be treated responsibly at the end of their life. 

Fuel Efficiency 

The introduction of new technologies has made newer vehicles more fuel-efficient than their older counterparts. The fuel price is also going higher day by day. So, keeping in mind the fuel consumption you can save 20-40% per year the fuel costs by recycling in your old car for a new model in the same category.


Even not in full, depending on the condition and sales potential, different parts and portions are dismantled, reconditioned and sold to customers. This, to some extent reduces the need for manufacturing new parts and saves resources. Commonly re-usable parts include engines, transmissions, whole front and back ends, body panels, and wheels.

But recycling is not the end of a car’s life – it’s the beginning of a new one. Once your car retires from the services it is good to go for recycling. Also, it will fetch some good cash for cars . You may find these tips helpful – 


Check the car seats, if they are expired or recalled, or has been in a crash call the local car seat trade-in program to recycle and give them to the trader for recycling. If they are found safe to use further, you have the option to donate it.


Lead-acid batteries are recyclable up to 99%. Moreover, reduces the need to use raw materials and components for the new product. Give the old batteries to the automotive retailers when you purchase a new one and get the credit. 


Wide variety of products are being made from recycled tries such as fuel, playground equipment or even used to make artificial turf. You can get them replaced at an auto shop for your new tire and ask if the shop can recycle the old tires for you. As a second thought before recycling the tires, consider reusing them by making a tire swing, or they can make great planters in your garden.


You know that it’s very important to recycle or dispose of every drop of used oil properly. Collect oil in a metal container and seal it tightly. Later on, drain it in a proper place where it can not come into direct contact with land or water. Else, you can take it to an oil change facility that accepts oil containers or to a household waste recycling facility near you.

It is obvious that to some extent you may find difficulties to follow the recycle process separately for each car part. Not a big issue. In Brisbane, you can find many car recycling service providers. Hiring one of them will make easier for you to recycle your car and reap the benefits of doing so. But be alert throughout the whole process to avoid common pitfall in regards to paperwork, identity proof, reclaim insurance and tax. Be sure to get the refund of insurance and tax amount if eligible.

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