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Things To Keep In Mind Before You Switch To Solar Energy

Making use of solar energy has always been a popular idea on the commercial level. But with time it has gained popularity among individual households as well. Simply install the solar panel onto your roof and start benefiting from solar energy. This will eventually reduce your dependence on the electrical system or power grids. But many things could go wrong with the process of installation and harnessing solar energy. What are those things you need to watch when you opt for solar energy?

Determine whether you need it in the first place.

Before you decide on anything, you have to make sure whether solar panels are beneficial for you. You have to analyse the requirements and parameters before you proceed with the installation process.

Factors like the construction of your roof and the direction of shade are to be considered. If your roof receives sunlight all through the year, then it’s a good idea to have it on the roof. However, if you have huge trees around, it could impede sunlight. The panels also have to be clean and ensure no amount of debris falls on them. It can have an impact on the productivity of panels. Solar installers in Sydney will guide you how to place the panels to leverage maximum sunlight effectively. So before going ahead with the installation process, it is best to consult them to have a clear idea.

What is your rate of consumption?

A study of your past energy bills will help determine how much electricity you consume. If you have low electricity consumption, then a small system would suffice. Monitoring your electricity consumption would help to harness solar energy effectively. An average size solar panel has about 50 solar cells enough to provide 50 Watt of electricity. Calculate the number of panels you would require based on the consumption.

The variety of panel

There are majorly two types of solar panels available in the market. One is a photovoltaic cell panel that uses a battery of cells to convert sunlight directly into electricity. While the other one is a thermal panel which absorbs sunlight to heat water.Based on the technology incorporated there is Mono-crystalline panel which has a blackish tinge and then a polycrystalline panel with a bluish hue.Some panels could store electricity for days when you have no sunlight and ensure that energy is available all round the clock. So make the right choice based on your requirements.Get in touch with the solar companies in Sydney who will provide more information based on your need and requirements.

The cost

It is important to have a look at the rates for different types of setup available in the market. More electricity generation capability would mean more expensive panels. But don’t worry they will be cheaper in the long run even after considering the cost of installation. Since they help you in reducing your dependency on the electricity grid, it will make you self-reliant.  

Look for a warranty

Solar panels under ordinary circumstances will last for 25 years. However, it’s important you purchase the entire setup from a reputed manufacturer who will guarantee you long-lasting performance without too much trouble down the road.Therefore don’t forget to ask for a warranty certificate so that you are at least insured in case anything gets malfunctioned.It’s best to choose a solar panel that is best suited for your home rather than those popular in the market. Every house has specific energy requirements and need. So look through all the options before finalising one.

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