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Things To Look Out For When Buying Solar Panels For The First Time

Even though buying your new solar panel for the first time can indeed be a very exciting experience. But, in the middle of all this activity, you should not get carried away with the actual motive, i.e. buying the right solar panels for your needs. Most first-time solar panel buyers get carried away with the advertisements offered by various companies – which should be avoided at all costs.

Always make sure that you tend to focus on the major aspects when making your purchase. This is because buying solar panels is always a major investment and you really don’t want your money to get wasted. The following tips should be kept in check when planning to buy solar panels from Brisbane cheap solar panels services. 

  • The Efficiency Of The Solar Panel Inverter

To convert the DC electricity coming from your solar panels into AC electricity to be able to use by your home appliances, you’ll always need a power inverter. Even though all inverters are made in the same way, you still need to check the efficiency of the inverter and the amount of energy it’s converting versus the energy being wasted. Greater the efficiency of the inverter more will be electricity that will be converted and less will be wasted. 

Therefore, you need to check the efficiency of the inverter before purchasing. Solar panel inverters from reputed companies will always be more efficient than the others in the market.

  • The Pattern Of Mounting Of The Solar Panel

You need to ensure that the mounting pattern and structure of the solar panel you’re buying has been certified with the weather conditions of that area. For instance, if you live in an area that is prone to cyclones, you’ll need something that is cyclone rated. Furthermore, the mounting brackets will also need to be cyclone rated too as well. 

There’s no doubt that quality solar panels will always be certified against winds because you don’t want your solar panels to get destroyed with a high-velocity wind. Thus, the mounting system of the solar panels plays a crucial part in making sure that your hard-earned investment stays safe even during the toughest of weather conditions on the earth. 

  • The Type Of Panels You Want To Use

The type of panels you choose for your usage will be important in deciding the overall performance of the solar panels. In case you have roof space that is limited, then you’d need something that is highly efficient – which are termed as mono-crystalline solar panels. Nowadays, other technologies such as panels made from poly-crystalline and other types of thin films are also available for purchase.

Choose the panel according to the output you’ll obtain from it. Even if you have roof space that is ample in size, using inefficient panels will affect your general ability to add more panels in the long-run. Furthermore, inefficient panels will also not affect the output considerably. Another tip to remember is that no matter what any company advertises, no solar panel can be 100 percent efficient. 

  • The Certifications Of The Solar Panels

Every solar panel should have some amount of certifications, especially the ones which come rebate direct from the respective government. A particular certification on a solar panel will indicate the kind of testing that the panel had to go through. These testing measures are done inside research and laboratory facilities and ensure that the panels meet the specifications as they’ve advertised. 

There are also other certifications that are self-assessed by the company itself. Thus, it relies on the company’s honest claims.

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