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What Makes IT Recycling Essential for Businesses?

Have you ever been confused with the thought of someone suggesting you, recycle your old IT equipment that is not in use anymore?

Have you ever thought of what good it would do to you or your business? 

Well, if you haven’t! This blog will help you with all the right reasons why you should consider recycling your old and discarded electronic components such as computers, PC, or laptops and their accessories. 

Firstly, recycling any e-waste is essential to keep away the toxic waste of landfill and offer other benefits to the environment. The valuable metals extracted from any of this recycled electronic equipment can be efficiently put to produce new products, reduce pollution/waste, save energy, and protect the earth’s natural resources by reducing the demand to mine for more raw materials. 

Did you know: An average PC contains around 100 poisonous chemicals. Cadmium, Lead, and Arsenic is among them, and they can seep into the water supply very easily if dumped in landfills. 

Why embrace recycling of your IT equipment? 

In the UK, computers are a high-speed expanding stream. Millions of obsolete computers are being discarded annually around the world. With rapidly growing technologies, users are frequently changing networks, and hence the computer waste mountains are increasingly intensifying. 

You must know, computers must not be thrown away like other ordinary wastes. There’s a reason why they are accounted for as ‘E-waste’. They contain toxic materials. Hence they must be disposed of with proper techniques. 

What is your PC made up of? 

A general PC is made up of the following: 

  • 32% ferrous metals
  • 18% non-ferrous metals
  • 23% plastic
  • 15% glass
  • 12% printed circuit boards and other electronic components

At the current rate, UK recycling is expected to save 18+ million tonnes of CO2 a year – it’s equivalent to taking 5 million cars off the road.

Why should Businesses take the help of professionals in discarding IT equipment?

Your electronic devices (especially computers) might have a plethora of data about your business and your clients. By merely deleting the visible data on your PC and discarding it might not help you in complete wiping off the data. 

After the release of GDPR, businesses are bound to necessarily secure their clients or consumers data.

That’s another reason why you should choose reliable and professional ways to either recycle or discard your IT devices or equipment. Numerous IT disposal companies are managing computer recycling in the UK. Reaching out to them can prove to be an ideal alternative for assuring the data within the devices are destroyed as per the right norms. Further, you can even have a report or certificate of evidence for data destruction from these companies. 

In the end, you and your business are also a part of this habitat, and you must take a stand towards a better environment and embrace IT recycling as one of the most crucial steps to treat any discarded electronic equipment in your facility. 

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