Our Innovation

Thin-Film CIGS


Creating solar skin. At record speed.


What sets us apart is our award-winning manufacturing process, FASST™. Like its name implies, we’ve developed the fastest and most cost-effective technology for printing thin-film CIGS on the market today. 10 to 100 times faster than current processes, HelioVolt’s FASST™ method manufactures a photovoltaic thin film that is 100 times thinner than traditional silicon. The potential: new landscapes wrapped in solar skin. Customizable to architectural design. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


  • Rapid and revolutionary: Our patented solar “printing” process is a high-speed, large-area method for manufacturing silicon-free thin-film photovoltaics for commercial-scale production. Many times faster than other thin-film technologies, the real advantage of FASST™ is its unique ability to nano-engineer solar thin films.


  • Flexible and customizable: HelioVolt can print directly onto multiple construction materials – glass, steel, metal, composites and some polymers. Mindful of architectural aesthetics, our method enables customization in a range of shapes and sizes. The market opportunity: a new breed of seamlessly solarized building materials, architectural modules and building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products – what we call PV “power buildings.”


What?  Thin-Film CIGS