Power Products - Overview


Power Up. Modules to buildings clad in solar skin.


HelioVolt's product platform enables opportunities for many unique applications with mass-market potential. Roofs, walls and architectural accents become electricity-generating systems.


  • Architectural modules: Integrated circuits can be custom-scaled for a range of architectural systems, from sunshades to skylights.


  • PV "power buildings": Fully-integrated membrane systems, designed to make almost all construction materials “solar ready” — glass, steel, metal, composites and some polymers. Power-gauged for both commercial and residential use.


  • Solar - your way: HelioVolt's production lines can be reconfigured to customize shapes and sizes for "printing" on a variety of substrate materials. Critical to the architectural market, buildings can virtually be wrapped in “solar skin,” while retaining the aesthetics of creative design.


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